Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shamelessly exploiting my connections

Also known as "intelligently using my resources," depending on whether or not you are inclined to be charitable.

This is pretty much my MO for wedding planning--step one is always asking, "Do I know someone who does this professionally?"

In several cases, I do. Most of them I wouldn't exploit, exactly, but if, in asking advice, they offer tips on getting better prices or offer freebies, wonderful! The best example of this is my tiara. I was prepared to pay through the nose for a really nice custom-designed, crystal- & amethyst-embellished piece, as I don't plan to have too many other accessories. And that's what most people will see of me, anyway (I'm a bit short). Also, I like tiaras.

So my first* step: ask my crazy Welsh friend who makes tiaras for Halo & Co. what my best option would be. My best option, she explains, is for me to sit tight and wait for her to send me a CD of the new collection photos, among which will be the perfect tiara.

On this CD is a price list, which has wholesale prices. Score! I say to myself. Wholesale! I e-mail her my order. "Wholesale? Pfah!" she says. "At cost! I'll let you know next week after I make it for you."

Considering the fact that the pound is just under two dollars at the moment, it's quite a relief. I'm doing little happy dances here at my desk.

*Also last.

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