Monday, January 29, 2007

Old Spending Patterns

I just got a year-end summary from Chase, and I browsed through it quickly, cringing.

Some numbers, a la Time Magazine:

40: Number of times Fiance & I ate pad thai
$2,872.54: Amount I spent on plane tickets
3: Times we went to Boston
2: Times that those trips were on consecutive weekends
6: Out-of-state trips we took
13: Times I gassed up my car
4: Times I paid for expensive and irritating repairs to my car
$1,128.28: Average monthly expenditures*

I'm sure I'll have more later, after I more closely analyze the numbers. Oh, how I wish I could download this stuff directly into Excel! Instead, I'm preparing for a nice long evening of data entry.

*I used this card for the vast, vast majority of purchases, excluding those made at Costco, damn their non-credit-accepting-black-hearts.

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