Thursday, January 11, 2007

Maiden voyage

I hadn't planned to start a blog. I suppose that's what they all say.

But really, blogging qua blogging doesn't particularly appeal. I've had a livejournal for nearly four years now, and I haven't much to say over there, either. However, I do like talking to the intelligent blogging folks I frequently read, and it's easier to start a dialogue when there's a little knowledge of each other on both sides.

So here's my introductory post. My name is Ellen. Hi! (waits for chorus of "Hi, Ellen!") I am a twenty-something living in New England, engaged to a wonderful man, and living a lovely life filled with good friends and theatre. I work at a job I don't despise (most of the time) and get to read the thoughts of smart people on any number of topics that interest me.

I'm working on adding all of the blogs I like to the sidebar, but Blogger does not seem particularly flexible with such a maneuver.


Golbguru said...

Welcome to the crazy world of "Blogger".

I am not one of those "smart people" you are talking about, but may be you will read something I write every once in a while. :)

Ellen said...

Oh, my first comment! How exciting! Very nice to meet you. :)

Although when I went and perused your blog, I'd have to disagree with your contention that you're not one of the people I'm talking about. (I just haven't had a chance to update the list--I read a LOT more than those five. *g*)