Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Found Money!

Good news for us today--I found a hundred bucks in the lost room! Two gift certificates (one for Best Buy and one for Linens 'n' Things) were just floating around. Luckily, they don't expire, because I suspect they were Fiance's Christmas presents from 2004--or earlier.

I did a bit more organizing and shuffling around of under-utilized furniture, and hopefully the only furniture we need (a linen cupboard of some description--our bath towels are stacked on a chair, and the extra sets of sheets are on the shelves next to the TV, which makes for a very odd-looking home entertainment center) will be available at Linens 'n' Things--which we now have for $50 cheaper! Good deal, says I.


Golbguru said...

Ellen, I suggest you join "pfblogs.org" ...it's a community of people who blog about personal finance, money and other related things. And no, they don't just blog about money...you will find every topic that can be blogged about, so get going.
You will certainly find new friends and others will discover your blog faster. :)

Ellen said...

Yup, it's in the planbook! But their frontpage says they'd like a new blog to be active at least a week, so I'm going to wait till tomorrow. :) (Plus I'm eyeing a couple of relevant carnivals.)
Thanks, though! Pointers are always appreciated. :)