Saturday, February 10, 2007

Making food stretch

Last week, I took a look at the store circular before I went grocery shopping, and I noticed that whole chickens for roasting were $.79 per pound. Usually, I buy frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts in bulk from Costco for chicken-related meals, but I've been wanting to roast a chicken for awhile--this seemed like a pretty good time for it.

Cost of a six-pound (smallest available) chicken: $5.31.

We had roasted chicken on Wednesday night, and a few pieces on Friday's leftover night. I made stock out of the bones today, so we're having chicken soup tonight, and we'll have some left over tomorrow. I also made a casserole with diced leftover chicken--that'll last us two meals, too.

So out of that five-dollar chicken, we got six meals for two people and some really nice, rich stock.

At this rate, I'm sort of ashamed to go buy steak tomorrow! (But not all that ashamed, as the cut I want is on sale this week, and it's going to make a really nice Valentine's Day meal).

I always feel particularly effective when I have dinner plans in place for more than a couple days. I'm not very consistent with this--some days I'm so tired I just slap together some shepherd's pie or vindaloo curry, which are my easy standbys--but I feel like a goddess when I do.

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