Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gosh darn it anyway!

You better believe I said the actual swear words this afternoon. A couple days ago, I got some very nice-looking steaks to cook for tonight. I just know I should've popped them in the freezer, but I figured they'd be fine in the fridge (there's a texture change in steaks after thawing that I don't like).

Well, they weren't. I grabbed them around four to get them to room temp for cooking, ripped open the packaging--and got a case of the nasty greys. Blech! That's $20 in the trash.

Luckily, the dinner was salvaged: chicken marsala and corn chowder, followed by homemade truffles. (So easy, but so good!)

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday, though, and it only comes around three times a year. Discount Candy Day, celebrated by knowledgable sweets enthusiasts everywhere!

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