Monday, June 11, 2007

Doing the next thing

Now that the wedding is over (it was yesterday), Husband and I are starting to save up a good-sized house down payment. Nothing like moving forward on those goals! (We'll have a honeymoon first, of course--I'm writing this as we await the flight to San Francisco here in JFK).

We spend just under $20K on the wedding, including the trip out west, the rings, and hotel & airfare for one bridesmaid. Considering we'd saved about $30K over the last year and a half while we were being vaguely frugal, I think once we buckle down, actually make a budget (instead of budgeting-by-the-Force), and trim down some fat, we might be able to move into a really nice place within the year.

Oh, and the wedding was delightful. :D

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