Sunday, May 20, 2007

Frugal life skills

Today, I mended my favorite pair of jeans. There are two little holes beginning to rub through at the inner thigh, and I don't want them to show wear. I wear these jeans every single day (I love working in a small office!), and they're pretty much the best ever. So knowing how and when to place a patch? Save me more than the cost of this pair of jeans.

In order to get these jeans, I would say I spent probably 30-40 hours shopping, and about $200 on "interim" jeans--something to wear that are good enough, but not perfect enough to stop shopping. So I'm going to wear these jeans until there's more patch than original jean.

I like doing this as much as I can. I try to keep only well-loved things around me, and repair the hell out of them before letting them go. A twelve dollar part at the right time can extend an appliance's life longer than you might think. Most of the time, this saves money, which, really, is a side benefit for me. The time and effort invested in finding an equally-beloved replacement is much more important to me.

I'm going to go admire my patch for awhile now.


Tread Softly said...

Yay for pushing pants to last at least another year. This is a fun blog.

Amy said...

Any chance you could point me to pictures/instructions for that sort of a patch? My boyfriend used an iron-on patch and then sewed around the edges to keep it from peeling off, but it seems really stiff to me. I'm a little self conscious for him, that the edge of the stiff iron-on will fade fastest and have a white outline. I've tried sewing fabric to the inside of my own jeans, but my novice hand stitches were visible on the back of my leg, and again self conscious raised its' head, so I stopped wearing those jeans.